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My Google Play developer page

  • Daily Programmer (2016) - An app for coders, developers or studends: daily coding challenges for learning, refreshing or just for fun.
  • Terremoto Centro Italia (2016) - Web wrapper for the TCI civic hacking project.
  • MrFreddolo (2014) - A random generator of jokes from an huge database. Features user partecipation.
  • iPedro, Ah Quetti Bac (2010-2013) Soundboards about some famous Italian memes.


  • Drunk Rockets (2013-2015) - Designed the website and managed a gaming Non-Profit community with 120+ members and 6 guilds. Hosted TeamSpeak3 and game servers.
  • LoL Flammator (2014) - A funny project about League of Legends. Got viral in few days and now features user partecipation.


  • Breathalyzer (2014) - My diploma thesis about the Semiconductor (and computers) “revolution”. Features a full Arduino project (Italian).

PlayStation Portable

  • LedOff (2009) - Resident PRX plugin that turns off PSP leds. Developed in C with PSPToolChain libraries, executed via Custom Firmware.
  • UltraLite Music (2009) - Music Player working with CPU set at 20Mhz allowing huge battery saving. Developed in LUA, executed via HMPlayer.
  • DarkControl (2009)- Simple LUA Script with detailed hardware and firmware infos. Provide battery usage and autonomy with different CPU frequencies.

Proof of Concepts